Sex scandal with the governor of New York: details of the charges

US President Joe Biden considers it necessary to have an independent hearing in the case of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Already the second former subordinate accused him of sexual harassment.

The American White House considers it necessary to conduct an independent trial in the case of the Governor of New York. Already the second former subordinate accused Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment . The governor denies everything and asks residents of the state not to jump to conclusions. How badly did the chair shake under the official after accusations of harassment?

Charlotte Bennett, now 25, was Governor Cuomo’s health advisor until November last year and has been harassed for months, she said. 63-year-old Cuomo allegedly asked her persistently about her personal life, how she felt about relationships with men older than her.

Bennett admits that the governor never tried to touch her. But at the same time, he allegedly complained that he had no one to hug.

“I realized that the governor wanted to sleep with me, and I felt terribly uncomfortable and scared. And I wondered: how can I get out of this? I thought that my job was over,” she said.

As noted in the material, Bennett told her immediate supervisor about the incident, she was transferred to another department, and that was all. The White House reacted to the article. They said that the charges require verification – this is the opinion of President Biden.

“He believes that every woman who makes such statements should be treated with dignity and respect. Every woman should have the opportunity to tell her story. There should be an independent investigation. These are serious accusations. It is hard for me as a woman to read this article. should be as fast as possible. We are all in favor of this – and the president too, “says White House spokesman Jen Psaki.

Andrew Cuomo did not deny that he asked his former subordinate personal questions. The governor also requested an independent review and urged residents of the state not to make premature judgments.

“She came to me and told me that she had been sexually abused and wanted to start a victim assistance organization. I tried to give her support and help. Ms. Bennett’s first impression was true: I was trying to mentor her. I never made any inclinations towards her and did not behave improperly. The last thing I would like is to make her experience at least a small part of what is reported, “- said the governor.

This is Cuomo’s second similar accusation in recent months. Former economic development adviser to the governor, Lindsay Boylan, said the former boss offered her to play strip poker and also kissed her on the lips. Some observers associate Lindsay Boylan’s revelations with her political ambitions: the girl is running for the post of head of Manhattan County.

It is also not the first high-profile scandal in recent months in which the governor has been implicated. An investigation has been launched against the Cuomo administration on suspicion of concealing the true number of deaths from the coronavirus COVID-19 in nursing homes.

Cuomo is now remembered for his old statements about the need for an implacable fight against harassment in the workplace. Donald Trump Jr., son of the former US president, tweeted a new version of the MAGA slogan: instead of “Make America Great Again” – “Make Andrew Walk Away.”

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