Hunter or prey: whom in the forest the gray wolf fears

Hardly anyone wants to meet a wolf not in a zoo or a nature reserve, but in the middle of a forest path. The gray robber poses a huge threat to both humans and many animals in the forest. However, there are creatures that proud dogs still try to bypass on occasion and not get caught by them once again.

1. People

Hunter or prey: who in the forest is the gray wolf afraid of?
The man in the forest scares the animals. / Photo:

Of course, a wolf is a mortal danger to humans. Especially if it’s a hungry or rabid animal. Such a person can easily attack, including a two-legged, uninvited forest guest. With a high degree of probability, wolves will dare to attack a person (or a group of people) if they are in the pack, having a numerical superiority over potential victims. However, all these cases are rather exceptions. Most of the wolves “patrolling” the forest, most likely, will not even want to approach a person because of the unusual sounds and smells. Like all wild animals, wolves shy away from everything unknown and unusual.

2. Bears

Wolves bypass bears. / Photo:

The bear is the real master of the forest. In any case, in domestic latitudes. Hungry wolves occasionally attack lone bears or try to attack cubs for food. However, in 8 out of 10 cases, a collision with a clubfoot “master” will not end with anything good for the gray robber. Heavy legs, long claws, huge mass and thick skin give the bear many advantages over the canines.

3. Tigers

The tiger is a dangerous foe. / Photo:
In fact, not only tigers, but also many other large felines living in the same latitudes with wolves, regularly hunt the latter. For example, in America, wolves often fall prey to mountain lions. In Asia, gray robbers avoid, first of all, tigers, who, in a fit of hungry anger, are able to deal with almost a whole flock of “grays”.

4. Eagles

Death from heaven. / Photo:

Heavenly hunters do not mind eating the tough, sinewy wolf meat at all. Eagles and golden eagles regularly attack dogs, even without having a superiority in mass. On the side of the birds, there is a tactical initiative and the ability to attack the victim from above. Sometimes one well-aimed blow with a heavy beak is enough to kill a gray robber.

5. Wolverines

Wolverine can be dangerous. / Photo:

Wolverines do not hunt wolves, at least under normal conditions. Moreover, they have a kind of symbiosis with the “grays”. The 20-kilogram animals regularly eat up what the wolves have not eaten. At the same time, the wolverines are not at all afraid of the “grays” and, if necessary, even enter into a fierce battle. However, cases, when adult wolverines attacked sick wolves or cubs for food, are still known.

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