Columbia Pictures logo girl – who is she?

Columbia Pictures is an American film company founded in 1919 that has produced a large number of popular and successful films.

Most readers probably remember the film company by its logo – a standing girl with a torch and a large “Columbia” inscription. For many, that short memorable title before the movie is a guarantee that the picture won’t be boring and is sure to please.

The company logo really stands out: its main feature, of course, is a girl who looks like an ancient Greek goddess, dressed in a tunic and holding a torch.

Originally, Columbia had a very different name – CBC Film Sales Corporation. But soon the founder Gary Cohn realized that with such a boring name he would not attract any attention and renamed the company Columbia Pictures in honor of the female image named Columbia, which embodied the United States of America.

The female image of the United States of America - a woman named Columbia

It was immediately decided that a girl must be present on the company’s logo – same Colombia.



Initially, instead of a burning torch, she held an olive branch and a shield, taking on the image of a Roman soldier.



The previous logo was quickly replaced by another – the girl was holding a torch in one hand, and they considered it necessary to get rid of the shield.



The concept of the logo was finally established in 1928 and since then has not undergone any differences – only its graphic component has changed. This option lasted for 40 years.



Modernity-colored logos are taking over the world. Columbia Pictures also did not stand aside.



A logo that existed from 1981 to 1992.

1992 – present

In 1992, it was decided to digitize the logo of the film company. For its new logo, the studio hired artist Michael J. Deas with the goal of preserving the logo’s historical foundation.

To create the logo, Michael turned to the company’s graphic editor, a 28-year-old girl named Jenny Joseph, for help. Jenny fulfilled her request to pose for the new logo during her lunch break.

Jenny Joseph - Columbia Pictures logo girl
Jenny Joseph – Columbia Pictures logo girl

Interestingly, this was her first and last shooting in her life as a model. But Jenny appears on TV screens around the world almost more often than any other model!


Since then, the company logo has appeared before us unchanged – the Columbia inscription in gold letters and Jenny Joseph, symbolizing the image of Colombia and holding a burning torch in her hands.

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